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Which SEO Strategy Best Suits Your Site?

The Popular Brand

This is a site that gets a decent amount of traffic and leads because its marketing tactics are so heavily engaged in outbound marketing… you know, Superbowl ads, telemarketing, that sort of stuff. So, when you examine the keywords driving traffic to this site, they are 99% branded. However, when we’re SEOing a site, we like to see at least 60% of the traffic to the site come from non-branded, organic searches. With a site like this, we need to refocus the existing pages to target popular keywords, and also build new content to do the same. The results from this type of website are generally really good. Similar to the above example, this website has lots of SEO resources at its disposal just waiting to be used the right way.

SEO Organic Visits Strategy

The above graph depicts a popular car brand that we started an SEO campaign for in July of 2012. At a glance, it’s hard to recognize, but there is clearly an upward trend. In specific, analytics indicates that site visits went up 31%, page views went up 49%, and pages per visit went up 14%. Above all, these efforts drove website conversions up a whopping 68%!

The SEO Hot Rod

This is the site that’s had an SEO strategy in place since its inception. It has over 1,000,000 pages, 5,000 visitors, and 25 leads a day. This site looks great and outperforms most competitors. This is honestly one of the hardest sites to SEO, and here’s why:

In order to boost traffic and leads, you need to get creative and start driving people to the site from a previously untapped market. This could be a popular ecommerce site, a popular brand, or even just a small business that used to have an SEO company and wanted to try a new agency. Whatever the case, the ROI on this type of site generally circles back to that of the new site – slow and steady.

SEO Strategy for Untapped Markets

In the above example, the highlighted dot (about March of 2013) is where we added our first SEO updates. As you can see, prior to our SEO, this site was averaging 250,000 visits per month until October when it skyrocketed to nearly 500,000 visits. So, we came up with a strategy to squeeze every last bit out of their current market segment, and in July they had their biggest month ever, with over 23,000 more visitors than their previous high in January.

So, where does your site fall? Talk to us today to find out what a Vital SEO strategy can do for you!

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