5 Tips for Getting Your Business Started on Foursquare

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For background on Foursquare for Business, check out this post:

Getting your business started on Foursquare:

1. Claim your venue

  • Go to and search for your business’ name.
  • If you find your business, go to the “Claim Venue” link in the right sidebar and follow the instructions to claim your venue.
  • If you do not find your business, there is an option under your search results to “Create This Venue.”
  • The authentication process can be answering the phone that’s on record or getting a code on a postcard mailed to the address on record. (More info here:
  • You now have the ability to see check-in analytics, learn more about your customers and see what people are saying about your business.

2. Get a “Check in Here” window cling

  • Request your window cling here. It’s like a CTA (call-to-action), encouraging visitors to check-in and share your business with their friends.
  • Make it visible! Best place for the decal is right on your front door.

3. Set up a special

  • Foursquare specials are a way of saying thank you for coming to your business or returning to your business. Possible examples:
    • Free appetizer with 5th checkin
    • Percentage off bill with 1st checkin
  • Make sure your staff knows that you’re running a special and what to do when someone wants to redeem a special!
  • Specials that are NOT redeemed are grayed out with an locked symbol.
  • Specials that ARE redeemed will be in color and unlocked.

4. Link your Twitter

  • If you have your Twitter account linked, every time someone checks in and pushes it to Twitter, it will mention your Twitter username instead of just your Business name. A direct link to your Twitter account is much more valuable than hoping someone will search for you.
  • If you have notifications set up, you will see the mention and be able to engage with your customer by:
    • Saying thanks
    • Asking what their favorite dish was
    • Asking for feedback, photos, etc.

5. Share updates

Comment below or find us at @Vital_Design if you have any questions!

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  • Spook SEO

    I just have to agree with the window that you were suggesting. Sometimes,
    people are afraid to click on it because it will mean that they have to
    purchase. However, those who want to avail cannot because they cannot see any
    action buttons to begin their transaction with.

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