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Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Marketing? Dust It Off!

NH Web Design Spring Cleaning For Your Marketing

It’s been a mild winter, but we’re still thinking about spring.

We’re dreaming about breaking out shorts and enjoying some burgers and brews in the backyard. But before any of that can happen, there is that age old ritual: spring cleaning. It’s time to do all those chores you’ve been avoiding all winter, and to get your home (and head) organized, uncluttered, and squeaky clean.

The same goes for your marketing strategy, too. Spring is all about change, rebirth and (my favorite) throwing stuff away: all principles that can help you get your business marketing strategy spic and span before the first day of spring. Let the cleanse begin.

Check on your goals

Audit your marketing – Web and print. Is your branding consistent across the board? Do you have a social media presence that is reliably updated and interesting? Can customers find your social media sites on your printed materials and your website? Did you keep your New Year’s marketing resolutions?

Adding social media to your marketing strategy means you have a lot of balls in the air at once. Now is a good time to take a close look at which ones are getting dropped, and to figure out a better way to juggle. If you’re struggling to update your accounts consistently, there are tools like Hootsuite that will let you schedule tweets and Facebook updates. You could schedule a whole week’s worth of posts in half an hour. Not finding the right content or followers? Invest some time in following quality Twitter and Facebook users who are sharing content relevant to your business (and ditch the ones who aren’t.)

Take out the trash

If you’re trying to get organized, your first and best tool is a big ol’ trashbag. If you have a project or initiative that just isn’t working, think about letting it go. It can be tough to give up on ideas that you love but sometimes you have to let go of the good to get to the great. Time for some brutal honesty.

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