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Andy Bourne

Senior Designer, ca. '18

I want to go someplace warm, a place where the beer flows like wine, where the women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talkin' about Aspen...

Andy specializes in creating visually impactful designs that people can engage and have an experience with. Although he went to school for graphic design with a concentration in typography at UMass Dartmouth, somewhere along the way he thought, “Design would be much more interesting if you could fully interact with it.” This led him to take as many programming classes as he could. His first job was at Oracle, where he learned to love data and backend programming. His next job was as a software developer and designer, where he honed his front-end dev skills, but also got pulled into designing everything the company needed — tradeshow booths, marketing sites, print ads… you name it.

In his free time, Andy tries to look away from the computer screen. He loves to do abstract acrylic paintings and is a diehard sports fan. Even though he has lived in Patriots Nation for his whole life, he’s a huge Jacksonville Jaguars fan. When asked why, Andy said, “When I was young I loved their logo and colors, so I guess I’ve always been destined to be a designer.”

Awards & Certs
  • Oracle SQL
  • Joined Vital '18
  • The Atom Group
  • Plixer International
  • AVX Corporation
  • BFA, UMass: Dartmouth
Random Bits
  1. Lived in Lithuania for a year. Can speak and understand the language from immersion.
  2. Played hockey and subsequently chugged beers in the locker room between periods with Rick Middleton.
  3. Have listened to every non-canon star wars book thanks to a particularly boring and repetitive factory job after I graduated college.

Ice Hockey


Abstract Painting


Mosh Pitting


Fantasy Football Commissioning

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