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Ethan Floyd

SEO Coordinator, ca. '20

Even the good leaders make poor decisions, it's the best leaders that take responsibility for them.

- Kratos, God of War

Ethan brings strong digital marketing, SEO, and data analytics experience to Vital’s digital marketing team. His willingness to learn and face challenges head-on makes him the go-to teammate for knocking out difficult tasks.

While earning a marketing degree from the University of New Hampshire, Ethan spent his senior year working as a Digital Marketing Intern at Philbrick’s Sports. During his time there, he helped them optimize their eCommerce platform, leading to more exposure for their online profile.

In his free time, Ethan enjoys playing video games, critiquing NBA players, and reciting Dave Ramsey’s financial principles.

Awards & Certs
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Joined Vital '20
  • Philbrick’s Sports
  • University of New Hampshire, ‘20 BA
Random Bits
  1. I've played every Ratchet & Clank game.
  2. Olives are my lifeblood.
  3. I did not like The Last of Us Part II (a waste of 29 hours).

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