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Caliper Health
Caliper Health


Website redesign

Project Overview:

Caliper is a B2C company with two product lines of proprietary CBD powders. The CBD industry is perceived as having a low barrier of entry, so product quality and legitimacy are common industry pain points. Caliper CBD powders are backed by an experienced team of scientists dedicated to producing products that are as potent and pure as possible. Caliper’s original website didn’t have a digital marketing strategy to support new products lines and increase conversions. Vital created a flexible, scalable website with a smooth eCommerce experience that is built to grow with their needs.

Setting their brand up for success

Since Caliper’s new website needed to be designed with the user in mind, we built an expanded mega navigation displaying clear CTAs and product imagery. The intuitive backend empowers their internal team to easily make changes or updates without needing to reach out to a developer. The homepage hero image and text fields are flexible so Caliper can easily freshen their look and messaging as their business grows. As we redesigned their website, they were also able to unify their branding. Our work on their design and iconography helped them solidify their brand identity, with elements that are also carried over their email marketing and sales collateral.

Introducing a new product line

In addition to the new website, Caliper needed help launching their second product line, Caliper Swiftsticks. Their old website was unable to show multiple product lines and was difficult to update. We built out product listing pages with a clean user experience that enables users to go into the product details for more information. In addition to poor user experience, the old website failed to truly tell the Caliper story. We wanted to better position Caliper as a leader in the CBD industry, not just as another product.

Optimizing resources

Although they were actively producing an extensive content library of podcasts, they didn’t have a place to effectively showcase that content. Now, each existing podcast has a coupon code that links to a page, which drives traffic to the website and encourages purchases.

The new website is also equipped with a landing page builder so that Caliper’s team can easily build out pages for future programming. We also revamped their resource center to better use these assets for marketing. And since the site needed to be tailored to an eCommerce experience, we decided to nest the new-and-improved resource center in the footer. The content still acts as entry points for users to visit the site, but it doesn’t detract from the ideal user path – browsing products.

Highlighting the preferred journey

As we redesigned the website, we focused on elevating the desired conversion, which is a subscription. We reframed the user path, placing CTAs in the navigation that read, “Subscribe and Save,” to encourage users to select this purchase option.

The previous website had separate product pages for the 30-pack and 60-pack purchase options. Both of these pages defaulted to a one-time purchase, even though it wasn’t the desired user path. If a user wanted to upgrade to a 60-pack, they would have to navigate to a brand-new webpage, making it much more complicated to upsell.

On the new website, we consolidated purchase options to a single product page and designed it to auto select the subscription option. Users could still choose to make a one-time or hybrid purchase, but the default is now a subscription. This enhancement helped maximize the product page from an SEO perspective and encourage the “Subscribe and Save” conversion.

Optimized cart.

This website is built in WordPress with a WooCommerce plugin to power their eCommerce solution. Their previous shopping cart experience was very clunky for the users. We optimized the cart experience, making checkout a digestible two-step process instead of one overwhelming step, and brought them up to eCommerce best practices.

In addition to their B2C users, we wanted to address their wholesale user experience. Caliper serves the B2B sector as well, so we tailored two separate catalog experiences for both wholesale and consumer browsing. We created a different shopping experience and introduced a subscription model to wholesale, which was another new feature that helped encourage long-term distributors and stores to become clients.

Caliper chose Vital as their strategic partner because they knew that our services did not end after their website launch. Our successful, ongoing collaboration with Caliper is focused on providing development, maintenance, and support for their industry-leading eCommerce website.

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