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Reebok Fithubs
Building Reebok's On-Site Retail Community

Introducing Reebok Showrooms & Fithubs

Reebok’s Showroom and Fithub — two brand-new store concepts — needed a custom user and trainer system. The idea is to offer trainings on-site that give discounts to the customers enrolled in the classrooms. The trainings are coached by local fitness influencers looking to build their brand and clientele. Our solution was two-fold: run signups and scheduling for all locations and create a custom store finder to help Reebok users find locations.

Outlet Locator

This is where it all starts. Of all the pages we built, this was the gateway — the highest-trafficked and the best way to introduce users to the fithubs and showrooms in their area.


Think of this as the destination screen. We introduced a digital whiteboard for posting articles and news about specific locations, and made signing up for an event as easy as just a couple of clicks.


Broken out by network or city, the Reebok Showroom highlights the latest trends and looks while doubling as a workout studio. Users are funneled into these landing pages based on the network they find themselves in. This tactic gives users visibility into events, news, and deals in multiple locations.

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