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  • Davey - Silver Medal - 2019
  • Web Award - B2B - 2019
Positioning a Banking Innovator for Success with a Brand Reinvention

A New Look for a Traditional Space

Vital and Silvercloud have been working together since 2014, focusing on digital marketing strategies for lead generation. From that relationship, the need arose for a brand reinvention. We didn’t need a new name or logo, just a nice refresh. We looked to update the tone of messaging along with the colors and graphics by bringing some brightness and character animation into the fold.

Digital Enablement Explainer Video

Digital enablement is a somewhat abstract concept that needed a simple and digestible explanation. Our creative team worked to bring the idea to life using colorful animations that were simple enough to be expanded on and edited as we refined the concepts. After weeks of storyboarding (see below), the designs were brought into our animation studio. We used some advanced physics engines along with character rigging for realistic motion. The output is fluid and fun,  and a launch pad for more great animations to come.

Icons, Illustrations & More!

Vector illustrations were used throughout the new Silvercloud brand as a means to represent white-labeled UX interfaces, end-users, and clients. We also introduced a trio of real-life friendly faces to the mix to humanize the brand, as we realize too much illustration can get too cute, fast.

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