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Vital Welcomes Experiential Marketing Project Manager Extraordinaire

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What do Pop-Tarts, Cheez-It and Pringles have in common? Besides being delicious and bursting out of Vital’s snack drawers, these tasty Kellogg’s treats have all had the pleasure of having Shauna Britt as their experiential marketing project manager.

As the latest addition to Vital’s web project management team, Shauna brings an impressive range of skills to our bustling marketing agency. From brainstorming experiences that promote the ultimate customer experience to event planning and product execution, she’s a pro at collaborating with all departments to ensure her innovative ideas are delivered with her clients’ goals as first priority.

experiential-marketing-shauna-brittAt Gigunda Group, Shauna was the point person for all Kellogg’s brands and traveled the country promoting events like mobile tours and concert series. Now settled in at Vital, she’ll be using her flair for the customer experience and eclectic skill set to strategize, manage and execute top-notch websites that promote the ultimate user experience.

“Whether it’s a website or an experience, the project management side is the same,” Shauna said. “The end result is just different.”

Shauna is a native to New Hampshire and a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University with a BA in Business Administration and a concentration in Small Business Management.

When she’s not honing her experiential marketing skills, she’s likely doing something athletic or hanging by the ocean. She can often be found sailing, skiing, running, golfing, cooking, or at the rink. Shauna has been a figure skater for twenty years, and now enjoys coaching kids in both figure skating and hockey skills.

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