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Content Marketing Pro and Web Developer Extraordinaire Join Vital!

What do these two — a content marketing pro and web developer extraordinaire— have in common? Sure, they both write stuff (one writes word, the other writes code). Sure, they both develop stuff (one develops content, the other develops websites). But most importantly, they are both the newest additions to Team Vital.

We were really excited this month to welcome these two new marketing and website pros, John Breneman and Dan Mensinger, to our team — and we can’t wait for you to get to know them!

We at Vital consider ourselves one big team (whether it’s cliche to call ourselves a “family” or not, we truly feel like one). We work together, sure, but we also workout together, share snacks together, win together, go to fun events together and celebrate together.

Below we invite you to meet the two newest members of #TeamVital.

John Breneman is a writer who is passionate about the power of words to motivate and delight. A longtime journalist locally and in Boston, his work in newspapers equips him with the versatility to produce sharp, compelling copy on virtually any topic (a critical skill in content marketing!). Before joining Vital, John spent his time dabbling in many different things such as page design, editing and writing at Seacoast Media Group (The Portsmouth Herald) here in Portsmouth.

John has a robust portfolio of work in the journalism field, having spent seven years at the Boston Herald, a decade collectively at The Portsmouth Herald and five years at The Cambridge Chronicle. He considers himself a wordsmith with an eye for visual design, and believes that in a past (or future) life he may have been a novelist, screenwriter and web entrepreneur. (Little-known fact: John sometimes fears his intellectual achievements are overshadowed by those of his trusty sidecat, Elwood.) A longtime Portsmouth resident and volleyball enthusiast, he can occasionally be seen rolling through his historic hometown on an old-fashioned high-wheeled bicycle (see photo below).

John is joining our Inbound Marketing Department as a writer and Senior Content Strategist. And if you want to hear the awesome story of how he used his content marketing prowess to implement a full-scale inbound marketing campaign to successfully land a job here at Vital, stay tuned for the next Alley Blog post!

Dan Mensinger is 32 years young and currently lives in Raymond, NH. He is a proud husband, and a father of four — two human children and two cats. Dan graduated from Keene State College in 2005 with a degree in graphic design, but soon discovered that designing and developing websites, not brochures, was his true calling. He started working with WordPress back in version 2.5 and pretty much adopted it as his platform of choice and hasn’t looked back since. Dan spent the last five years working at SearchPro Systems in Nashua, NH, where in addition to being a web designer and front-end developer for responsive WordPress-powered websites, he had a hand in web server management, online marketing, SEO strategy and PPC marketing campaigns.

When he is not building WordPress websites or writing code in general, you can typically find him enjoying the outdoors, eating Mexican food or watching any movie that has a decent rating on IMDB (lucky for him, Vital is the official marketing partner of the New Hampshire Film Festival!). In the winter he is a die-hard snowboarder and absolutely loves going up into the Green or White Mountains whenever the snow falls.

Dan is joining our Web Development Team as a Senior Web Developer & SEO Strategist. His mad skills in development, complimented with a background in design and online marketing, make him a perfect fit for #TeamVital!

We’re so happy to be adding these two new Vitalians to the team. They’re already making our work better with their writing, content marketing, web development and SEO expertise. Give ’em a big high five if you see ’em around town— or give them a shoutout on Twitter!


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