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“Above the Fold” Debunked: The New Way to Convert Visitors


A business that’s more complex and has a longer sales cycle may need a variety of CTAs. Hubspot is a great example – as you scroll down the site you can see they offer different conversions that touch on different visitors’ need


“The wrong value-added proposition can confuse visitors and can actually deter visitors from clicking your CTAs. An effective proposition sets clear expectations on what they’ll be receiving, and its value. More complex businesses need to consider using a waterfall approach to their CTAs, like Hubspot . Visitors need to be given a few different options between visiting the site and signing up for services.” Chris Getman, Director of Accounts at Vital.

Bring on the Scroll

“It’s time to stop seeing your website as a single sheet of paper, but as a scroll of individual stories. This approach will allow your business to tell a more compelling story while keeping your audience’s attention on one webpage,” Chris Getman.

What does this new type of webpage look like?

  1. It’s thoughtfully designed, encouraging visitors to scroll farther down the page.
  2. It’s dynamic, pulling in photo, video and blog content from the rest of the site.
  3. Its calls-to-action are supported with appropriate propositions.

Here’s an example of a site we recently launched for the Salt Cellar.


What are your thoughts on “above the fold”? Let us know in the comments below!

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