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As a Manufacturer, You Have a Unique Marketing Opportunity

Word-of-mouth referrals, tradeshows, and cold calls may have gotten you to where you are today, but the future lies in digital marketing.

Modern consumers are using search engines to compare products. They’re reading online reviews to gauge customer satisfaction. And they’re price shopping from the comfort of their mobile device. This creates an opportunity for manufacturing companies to engage with prospects far earlier than ever before.

According to a study from Google:

“B2B customers reported to being nearly 60% through the sales process before engaging a sales rep, regardless of price point. More accurately, 57% of the sales process just disappeared.” – The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing

Our digital marketing and web development services are designed to continually evolve right along with your customers, with programs built specifically for the manufacturing industry. Just like you have a step-by-step process for creating meticulously designed products, we have a methodical, results-driven program in place to help you attract, engage and convert leads.

Have We Ever Worked for a Manufacturing Business Like Yours Before?

Our manufacturing clients are unique; even within their own niche industries they are still remarkably one-of-a-kind. From autoclaves to wall panels, we’ve helped these manufacturers implement and succeed with digital marketing strategies:

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“Not only are the folks at Vital very creative, which is what you expect from a marketing firm, but they stay up to date with the latest web-building methodologies, SEO best practices and social media trends. They’ve come to know our businesses and customers inside and out.”

– Arthur Trapotsis, President and CEO, Consolidated Sterilizer Systems

In just 7 months, CSS increased their website traffic by 87% and leads by 177%

What to Expect from Vital

We put together a custom digital marketing plan for you that is based on your manufacturing business’ goals and complexities. Then we execute the plan on a monthly basis.

Here’s how we get started:

  1. Discovery Process: We’ll get to know each other. That means phone calls, in-person meetings, interviews, and maybe even a meal or two.
  2. Strategy & Planning: We’ll take everything we’ve learned about your company, along with in-depth research and our marketing expertise, to create a comprehensive plan of attack.
  3. Get to Work: This is where the fun begins. We’ve planned the work, now it’s time to work the plan!

How is the Program Structured?

Our digital marketing program is executed on a monthly retainer basis. After an initial research and planning phase, we provide you with a custom digital marketing plan to reach your business goals, and then we execute on that plan.

Every program is customized based on the company, their competition, and their industry. The initial strategic plan we provide outlines the tactics to be executed over the following 12 months.

We have weekly check-in meetings with you to ensure all projects stay on track. We also have monthly meetings to present reports that outline your program’s performance (focused on traffic and lead improvement). In our monthly meeting, we also review the following month’s plan, which is broken into a monthly calendar of tactics.

Working with Your Sales Team

If you’re a manufacturer in the B2B world, we know generating leads is half the battle.

The other half is working with the sales team to close the leads.

Many manufacturers have their own in-house sales team. Others sell through sales representatives, distributors, or dealer teams. And some use a hybrid (in-house sales and distributors/rep/dealer teams). We’ve learned that each sales model requires its own custom lead flow and management system to ensure the company gets the most value out of each lead.

We’ve worked with multiple manufacturing clients to study and optimize the marketing-to-sales handoff, qualification, and follow up process. In multiple cases we’ve helped manufacturers improve metrics like lead-to-quote ration by over 40%!

 Do You Report on Results?

We firmly believe that “what you cannot measure, you cannot improve.”

So, we measure and provide comprehensive reports every month. These reports will detail our progress towards your goals and include metrics like:

  • Website Traffic
  • Form Submissions
  • Content Downloads
  • Leads Created
  • Leads Qualified
  • Leads Quoted
  • Leads Closed
  • Phone Calls to Your Sales Number

By creating a measurable system that flows from marketing all the way through sales, we’ve seen manufacturers substantially increase their ROI on marketing budgets.

Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

A typical digital marketing client works with Vital on a monthly basis and invests between $5,500 and $24,500 per month into their digital marketing program.

The investment level determines how many hours per month are available to execute your custom plan. Your investment depends on your specific business/lead goals and how fast you need to get to them.

Our People Become Your People

With Vital, you’ll have an all-star team of specialists on your side, including:

  • Account & Project Managers
  • Brand & Marketing Strategists
  • Front-End & Back-End Developers
  • Content Strategists & Copywriters
  • Creative Graphic Designers
  • Pay-Per-Click Specialists
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialists
  • Email Marketing Specialists
  • Digital Marketing Specialists


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