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How to Add Blog Posts to Your LinkedIn Profile

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Updated 1/8/2012: LinkedIn has updated their profile settings and adding an RSS feed to a LinkedIn personal account is no longer possible. LinkedIn has a new feature that allows users to create an online portfolio, and we’ve written a post about it here. – Doug

Look at you! You’ve mastered your business blog and you’re posting awesome content. Nice job!

But you also want those posts to show up automatically on your LinkedIn profile, right? So here are a few steps to make sure all your LinkedIn connections know what a thought leader you are. (Or at least that you’re publishing regular blog posts.)

LinkedIn makes it easy to add an RSS feed to your personal or company pages. Each time you publish a new blog post or news piece on your website, it will also be published in LinkedIn.

We are often asked how to do this, so we’ve compiled some easy to follow instructions for both your personal account and your company page.

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  • Sweet! Didn’t know this, thanks — you guys rock!

  • With this method, although your blog’s articles are displayed in your profile, it does not update your status. Unfortunately, people aren’t going to look into your profile frequently. So, they aren’t going to see your latest blog post. If the blog update is pushed into your status, all your LinkedIn connections are going to see it.

    It seems that LinkedIn does not provide for a means to do it. There are two ways I can think of doing it. Push the update to Twitter, which in turn gets pushed to your LinkedIn status. The problem is that you ALL your Twitter updates are going to be pushed to your LinkedIn status updates. Another way is to use HootSuite.

    Any other ideas?

  • Hey Terence, 

    You make a very good point and you’re right. This app only shows up on your profile. When we share on LinkedIn we prefer to login and share directly from the site.

    If you have your account linked to Twitter there is a setting option that allows you to selectively post to LinkedIn from Twitter. 
    OPTION – “Share only tweets that contain #in (#li also works) in your LinkedIn status. e.g. “Working on a blog post about increasing meeting productivity #in”


  • Great post; thanks. I set up my LinkedIn account to post my blog feeds, but I wonder: If I mentioned that blog post in my news feed as well (along with a link to that column), is that OK? Or, does LinkedIn view that as overkill? I guess my question is: who sees my RSS feed widget? All of my followers, or just those people who visit my profile page and scroll to the bottom? – Tom

  • P.S. I just saw Doug’s reply to Terrance. I think that answers my question.

  • In an individual LinkedIn profile, it does not appear possible to pull in any old RSS feed — looks like it has to be WordPress with this particular application, or with the other application, one of a few other blogging platforms. Am I missing something?

    • This tutorial is for WordPress, it’s true–you can try linking a Twitter account to your LinkedIn and automating your updates that way, or updating manually. We think LinkedIn is a powerful tool that’s due for a big overhaul–hopefully better functionality for linking a variety of blog platforms is on the way!

  • Just tried this however when I try to add an RSS feed to the company page there is no option to add a Company Blog RSS Feed – do you know of any reason for this?

  • DanyO

    What Emma means, and what I’ve been going through this morning, is that the “Company Blog RSS” box is nowhere to be seen in the Company’s page “Edit Mode”. Did linked in make any changes lately?

  • Because you never know who might have the answer, I thought I’d drop the question here:

    I just set up a WordPress site using WooThemes Simplicity. Then tried to bring the blog into the LinkedIn profile using the app you talk about here. Instead of the blog posts, the app is bringing in the comments only. Any ideas how to fix this?

  • Thanks DannyO – that’s exactly the issue – there’s no RSS feed box to add a blog feed to a LinkedIn company page – used to be there but seems to have disappeared – can’t find anything to say LinkedIn have made a change so have been assuming I’m being blonde…? It is possible but could others take a look and see if they have the option to add a blog feed to their company page? :)

  • i dont know this method ..
    thanks for sharing thanks….

  • Ron

    Thanks for a great article. I followed your directions and easily added my WordPress blog RSS to my LinkedIn profile.

  • Thanks for the tutorial, I have managed to add my RSS at the bottom of my personal LinkedIn page, but as you mentioned, not to the Company page. It’s a bonus that it’s been added, at least to the home page.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if they re-install the option for RSS to Company pages! Will be very useful if they do!

  • Claire Jamison

    Hi, I have tried to do this but when I hit add application a message comes up saying:

    You have reached the limit of applications on your homepage and your profile. Please remove an application from both pages before adding another application.

    I have deleted any applications and currently do not have any and the message still comes up…can you help? Thank you.

    • Vital_Design

      Hey Claire,

      Unfortunately, LinkedIn changed their profile settings and doesn’t allow this option anymore.

      I’m writing a new blog post for this now, and it should be ready by the end of the week. If you want to try out their new feature go to “Edit Profile” and then click the plus box on the right hand side of your Summary. You’ll be able to add content here and build a portfolio.

      Hope this helps!

      • It’s still possible to have Linkedin automatically publish each of your blog posts. It can be done with IFTTT: The name means “IF This Then That” and it allows you to create “recipes” for automatically syncing various web services. You can sync WordPress and Linkedin to achieve the desired result in this case.

        I have this set up for my own blog (that Jesse at Vital helped design): Unfortunately IFTTT is somewhat limited in terms of which services can be synced, but I was able to get WordPress synced to both Linkedin and Delicious. This saves a few minutes at least for every blog post that I have to promote across the web.

        • Vital_Design

          Hi K.R., Thanks for the suggestion. IFTTT’s result is a bit different, but it is definitely an option. I’ll make sure to add your tip to the post. – Doug

      • I found it via the new Publicize setting in WordPress, mentioned here

        • Vital_Design

          Thanks for sharing Darryl. This will be great information to add to our post. – Doug

  • Hi! Is there a way to post blog posts on a company page or is it only available on personal accounts?

    • Vital_Design

      Hi Lauren,

      Check out one of the last comments below. Knowledge Roundtable suggests checking out IFTTT. I’m not sure if it works for company pages, but it’s worth a shot.


  • aleena rose

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  • Mamta Sharma

    This is very informative and brief information given in the post which is very helpful for me.Thanks for sharing it.Linkedin Profile Writing

  • Denis

    There is no “Add Application” on my profile.

    • Vital_Design

      Hi Denis,

      Thanks for pointing that out! LinkedIn has made some updates since we last updated this post — we’re going to get right on fixing that though.

      Happy New Year!

  • James Cooper

    I will never use any kind of adding application it’s my final decision.

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