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We’ll be honest — we get a LOT of applications. We don’t hide what a great place this is to work. Our people are our best asset, and we only accept the best. View Perks...


Our benefits are CRAZY good.


Unlimited Vacation

Yup, you read that correctly. Unlimited vacation time. Without proper vacation breaks, the health, happiness and imagination of our team suffers. The absence of down time leads to burn-out, poor engagement and lack of innovation. Our people are trusted, responsible, driven professionals; they aspire to travel, to explore, to fulfill hopes and dreams. They also truly love their work and arrive inspired to come to work every day — and part of that is taking time to recharge as needed. Freesponsibility. View our open jobs here.


Free Lunch

Whoever said there’s no such thing doesn’t work here. Three times a week, the whole team enjoys takeout from some of the best spots in town. We’re talking smoothies, salads, bagels, sandwiches…order what you like, and it’s on us. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free? No worries. You’ll find plenty of choices to suit your diet and your tastebuds. We even have a lunch gong to announce the arrival of the grub. Can’t quite picture it? You don’t have to. Watch this video for a taste of the action. (Pun intended, actually.) View our open jobs here.


Awesome Environment

We want you to be happy, comfortable, and productive at work, so our offices are not your typical cube farm. For starters, we’ve all got desks that transition to standing workstations at the push of a button. We’ve been known to all put in some serious hours at our desks, so the ability to stand up, move around, or groove to some in-the-zone tunage is clutch. Done with the desk altogether? Grab your laptop and settle into a cozy Yogibo for some chill time. We also have some collaboration stations around the office for a change of scenery, and some quiet rooms for quick meetings or to clear your head. View our open jobs here.

Flex that Schedule

Nothing beats in-person, in-office work days when it comes to collaborating, unplanned learning or brainstorming sessions, and enjoying one another’s company. But we also recognize the value in skipping the commute and working from home some days. That’s why our team operates on a flexible, hybrid schedule that allows each employee to strike the balance that works for them. View our open jobs here.

GREAT Health Benefits

Sure, we’ll give you health benefits — but not just the bare-bones health plan here. We want you (and your family, if applicable) to be covered with a really great plan. We offer a comprehensive and affordable health benefits package with optional dental and vision coverage. And our benefits rep is right down the hall, so if you have any questions, you’ll get a quick answer. View our open jobs here.

Work in Downtown Portsmouth

This is where it’s all happening — the bustling downtown famous for its vibrant arts & culture scene and a zillion great restaurants and bars. Vital started as a downtown company and will always be a downtown company — it’s part of the company culture to hit the town as a group at the drop of a hat, for lunch or celebratory drinks. Not to mention our regularly scheduled Thirsty Thursday happy hours, yoga in Prescott Park, fantasy football drafts featuring pizza from our favorite local joint, and company meetings on the rooftop of Portsmouth’s premier private dining club. There’s just no substitute for being in the heart of the city, surrounded by all of its creative energy. View our open jobs here.

Continuing Education

We are a team of proud marketing nerds who make it a point to stay on top of the latest trends in our particular areas of expertise. We understand that staying sharp is partly a labor of love — we read the blogs, listen to the podcasts, subscribe to the newsletters, plug in to social media, and so on — but it’s also an investment Vital makes in its employees. Managers are great about pointing you in the direction of certifications and conferences that will help you with your job. (Think HubSpot, Word camp, etc.) And, if you come across a learning opportunity you want to take advantage of, we want to hear about it. Chances are, we’ll help make it happen. View our open jobs here.

Vital Fun Days

We’re so serious about fun, we have an actual Fun Committee dedicated to getting us away from our desks to share some good times. The whole team takes a day off for the New Hampshire Film Festival, leaves early for Thirsty Thursday happy hours once a month — and sometimes we take a day off and spend it together (on purpose!). From ice skating in the winter to the legendary Vital beach party in the summer, we are all about balancing work and play. View our open jobs here.

Giving Back

No company is an island. We exist as part of our community and the larger world, and it just makes sense to spend some time and energy making that world a better place. Our employee-led initiatives include partnering with local shelters and food pantries, an annual food and coat drive, volunteering our resources for the New Hampshire Film Festival and Portsmouth’s Market Square Day, and a Commute Smart program to help reduce our overall carbon footprint. Have a cause that’s close to your heart? Please share it with us so we can help you make an impact. View our open jobs here.

IRA — Simple IRA 100% Match, Up to 3% of Your Salary

Okay, so talking about IRAs isn’t the sexiest thing in the world, but that shit’s important. Vital offers a Simple IRA with a 100% match to your contribution up to 3%. Basically, Vital is doubling your investment in your own future. We may not be thinking of retiring any time soon, but make smart choices now, and you’ll be taken care of when the time comes. View our open jobs here.

Paid Holidays

We shut down the office on the major holidays — Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc. — but, just like with your vacation time, we don’t take it out of your pay. These are days to be spent with family and friends. And we think it’s pretty cool to be paid for doing cannonballs into the lake/ocean/margarita pool. View our open jobs here.

Vacation Stipend of $500

Uh, yeah, so in addition to giving you whatever time off you need, we’ll also give you some spending money to help you really enjoy that vacation. That’s like a week at anof AirbnbAir BNB, a good chunk of your plane fare, or LOTS of commemorative photos with Goofy. Because we want you back happy, k? ☺ View our open jobs here.

Office Closed Christmas – New Years

Maybe we had you at “unlimited vacation time and paid holidays,” but it’s worth mentioning that we also close up shop from December 24th through January 2nd each year. With a rare critical exception, it’s “see you next year” and offline for everyone! Remember when you were a kid and you got the whole end of year holiday vacation? It’s like that, except you can totally stay up as late as you want now. #adulthood View our open jobs here.

They Say It’s Your Birthday

True, you can take off whenever you need to, but when your birthday rolls around, you don’t even have to ask. We block off your calendar for you, so you can sleep in and eat cake for breakfast or basically spend the whole day however you please. It’s all about you. Just don’t be surprised if we break out the balloons when you get back. We like parties, too, okay? View our open jobs here.


We’re super proud of the fact that many of our employees build careers here that last for years. We think it’s a testament to our values and culture, not to mention our commitment to helping you advance professionally and the satisfaction that comes from doing great work with great people. So, whenever someone hits another milestone anniversary (and they’re all milestones), we make kind of a big deal out of it. Prepare to be congratulated. View our open jobs here.

The Best Coworkers Around

You’ve probably heard companies say that their employees are like a family. Well, we call BS on that. Don’t get us wrong — we genuinely like each other. But what really matters is how you feel about coming to work with us every day. And, if you’re like most Vitalians, you’ll love that part. It’s simple, really. We hire people who are amazing at what they do, enjoy working hard at it, and are always down to collaborate, get out of their comfort zones, and ask for (and give!) help when they need it. And those are the best kind of people to work with. (Oh, yeah, we also make each other laugh a lot. Know any good marketing jokes? Actually, neither do we. You’ll fit right in.) View our open jobs here.

Technology Processes and Systems

Technology should make your work life easier, not harder. On your first day at Vital, we hook you up with a MacBook and a workstation with all the bells and whistles you need to be your most productive self. We also give you access to our Vital Handbook, which covers pretty much everything about why we do what we do, what our values are, and how we get it all done. We steer our organizational ship based on the principles of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), and as a team, we use Basecamp management software to communicate with each other and our clients about specific projects. For everything else, there’s Google (docs, mail, chat, and virtual meetings). And since we are all about continuous improvement, every employee has a voice in keeping our handbook, technologies, and processes up to date and effective. View our open jobs here.


Brains need fuel to keep working all day. We’ve got a steady supply of munchies on hand for those moments when you need to get your creative juices going with some mastication action. You don’t need to wait for a client meeting for us to bust them out, either. They’re right there in the kitchen, ready to pair nicely with your 3 o’clock coffee break. Speaking of coffee, our office fridge is fully stocked with outrageously delicious cold brew coffee and tea from NOBL. On a health kick? Shake it up with some 100% raw, unpasteurized juice, delivered fresh on the regular. View our open jobs here.


Maybe we’re biased, but we think the Vital brand is pretty cool, and we don’t mind showing it. We hook up all new employees with some sweet branded gifties. (Think fleece blankets for those chilly days and genuine Moleskine notebooks to capture all your brilliant ideas.) You may also notice many of us wearing Vital hats or vests and sipping out of Vital coffee mugs while carrying our Macs in Vital ‘packs that we purchased online at the Vital team store. With a 25% employee discount on everything, all the time, it’s easy to get tricked out and show some Vital pride. View our open jobs here.

We Trust You

It’s as simple as that. We hired you for a reason — you’re at the top of your field, and you don’t get there by being micromanaged. You got this. It’s up to us to empower you — which is where the Macs, standing desks, vacation time, healthcare, and snacks come in — but ultimately your work will stand on its own. Do you. Hustle. Work hard. We trust you. View our open jobs here.

Awesome Clients

We’ve worked really hard over the past 15+ years to get where we are today. The result of that hard work? We are now in the fortunate position to be selective about what types of clients we take on. Therefore, we have an enviable roster of awesome clients that we love working with — and they love us back. Not only will you love who you’re working WITH, you’ll love who you’re working FOR. View our open jobs here.

Massage Chair

After a long day of work you should feel surprisingly relaxed thanks to our luxury massage chair in the lobby. Book yourself 30 minutes and experience the magic of a healthy work-spa balance. Just please keep your socks on :) View our open jobs here.