I am the director of admissions and marketing at a large private school in Denver, CO. I love your choice of words regarding marketing strategies. Interruption-based or permission-based. I am finding this year that I have to really focus on permission-based marketing because, as you stated in the article, people listen if they have given us permission to “talk” to them. I am in the midst of trying to convince some around my office that we need to put our money into strategies that will actually work. We have done the direct mail campaign in the past and we had absolutely no leads generated. In my mind, I prefer to use outbound, interruption-based marketing to help strengthen our visibility and to lead people to us rather than use it to generate a specific lead. When we do any outbound marketing we are pouring dollars into a wider audience (again addressed in your article) that has no interest in who we are. That is why I prefer to use it as branding and recognition to create awareness of who we are. It finally clicked this year that inbound marketing is the way to go. So, here’s to hoping I can put my dollars into inbound and focus on those who have given me permission to market. I love your perspective and agree wholeheartedly!!!