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How To Create an Online Portfolio on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a social media powerhouse when it comes to professional networking. Over the past year, LinkedIn has made changes that made it even more attractive for professionals and job seekers. One of those changes was the introduction of online portfolios on LinkedIn profiles that include photos, PDFs, presentations, and websites.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps in creating an online portfolio on your LinkedIn profile

1. First you’ll want to go to Edit Profile

2. In your Edit Profile settings you’ll notice a plus box in certain sections of your profile. This option allows you to you add photos, PDFs, presentations, and websites to create an online portfolio for that specific section of your profile. LinkedIn allows you to select from content living online or files stored on your device.

3. Click on the plus box to start adding content.

TIP: Check out Google Drive if you need a place to host images, PDFs, etc…

4. After you add your content, you’ll be able to edit your title and description. Your title will show up as a caption and your description will be visible when someone clicks on that specific piece of content. You will also be able to select the section that the content should be sorted into—this comes in handy later on if you decide to move content to another section.

5. As you create your portfolio, LinkedIn will add each piece of content to your profile with a preview image and title. I went ahead and created a portfolio with different types of content, and I’ve posted the results below.


6. When someone clicks on an individual piece of content a gallery will appear with a preview, link, the title, and description.

Additional Tips:

1. You can edit, delete and reorder the content in your portfolio. By hovering over the icons, you will be able to click and drag to order the content however you would prefer.

2. If you choose to use Google Drive, I’d suggested sharing PDFs. When making this tutorial, I learned that sharing the actual document will grant anyone editable access to your document on Google Drive.

3. I was not always impressed by the gallery preview, especially when sharing links. Make sure the content you’re sharing, positions you as a professional. If you’re sharing a webpage, consider taking a screenshot and including a link to the site in your description.

4. Your portfolio is only visible by the people you’re connected with.

If you found this tutorial helpful, please take a moment to share it using the share buttons below. After you’ve created your online portfolio, show it off by connecting with me on LinkedIn or following Vital’s LinkedIn Page.

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  • RobDobbs

    Small typo in #3: “Make sure the content your sharing positions you as a professional.” should be “Make sure the content you’re sharing, positions you as a professional.”

  • Pablo Moulden

    Hey this was great but its outdated as you can upload images as well now. Maybe theres other new advice on photos you can give that I, or others, dont know about yet.
    Great job though! Thank you!

    • Vital_Design

      Hey Pablo, Thanks for the heads up. We’ll work on updating this guide with new screenshots. – Doug

  • This feature is the new addition in LinkedIn and its really good to show anyone’s skill other than just some writing stuff. After seeing the profile people will definitely come to know about his skills, seeing the sample works there.

    • Vital_Design

      Agreed! Having a portfolio is a great way to show your work.

  • Great article, thank you! Is there any way to show a portfolio to people who aren’t 1st connections? It’d be that much more reason for someone to accept an invite if they can see your work! Any solutions?

    • Vital_Design

      Thanks John!

      1st, 2nd and 3rd connections will be able to view your portfolio. I’ve tweeted you a screenshot of what your profile looks like for me:

      But in the public profile settings, even if you have your profile fully public, your portfolio won’t be visible. I’m not sure why, but that’s the limitations for now. I hope they change them in the future, because it would make sense for anyone to be able to see your portfolio.

      – Doug

      • Perfect, thanks for taking the time Doug! Very appreciated…

        • Sophia

          I would personally suggest taking a look at Portfolium ( It’s an awesome digital portfolio platform that works beautifully WITH LinkedIn! You can embed all of your entries right into your LinkedIn profile.

  • Very handy. I have some images of my designs on Linkedin already but thanks for additional tips. Patrick, Essex.

  • margaret barkley

    Will you explain how I can actually download my pdf. portfolio pieces to my LinkedIn profile? I tried downloading a portfolio piece in pdf. format and it never took.

  • It is just a beaning for me I love your address to make my profile more creative.

  • Paulo Almeida

    Hi! Thanks for sharing you insights. I have on question regarding adding websites / urls as a portfolio item. I’ve seen some profiles with portfolio items with an image and its content has botton that redirects to an external webpage (not slideshare or anything like that, an apparently normal webpage). Is this possible?

  • Thanks for sharing great info..

  • Malathy

    If there is an option to showcase our portfolio beyond our connections, it will make sense to impress any recruiter who are interested in viewing our profile and knowing more about us. Is it possible to make portfolio available in public profile?

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