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It’s Time to Spruce Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Now is the time to tackle those lingering housekeeping items concerning your marketing strategy? Seriously. Don’t put it off any longer. Chances are this is something you’ve been “meaning to get to” for a while, yet you just haven’t found the time or energy to do so. Never fear – there are many simple ways to improve your content marketing strategy starting now.

There’s no doubt that assessing your marketing strategies today will ideally pay off for you in the long run. Creating, following and completing a custom “Marketing Strategy/Spring Cleaning Checklist” will not only allow you to spend more time outside when the weather warms up, but it will also help breathe new life into your business model — which then could lead to more business in general.

A good first step to this process would be to create a checklist that is both measurable and within reach. Start by creating an inventory of your current marketing strategy and ask yourself: do I need this? Can this be done better? Is there another way?

Start by creating an inventory of your current marketing strategy and ask yourself: Do I need this? Can this be done better? Is there another way?

Once you’ve created this checklist, the next step in the process is to begin taking action on each item – no matter if the task is low hanging fruit or a bit more convoluted.

Here are a few examples of items you may or may not have on your inventory list, as well as a few tips that may prove useful when beginning to check them off.


Perhaps the quickest assessment a company can conduct is determining whether their social media presence is strong enough.

When it comes to Facebook, this requires understanding the importance of having reliable updates and interesting material that engages customers rather than annoys them. Believe it or not, there are some companies out there who try to have fun, regardless of how boring their business may be.

At Vital, we try to post information that is both relevant to our target audience, but also related to current events or our company’s identity and work environment. You can generally apply the same type of mindset when it comes to Twitter as well.

After taking a look at the social media accounts you currently have, this spring cleanup can also involve assessing whether or not there are more opportunities to help you get the message out. And yes, there are in fact many other social media avenues a company can employ to get the message across.

Take LinkedIn for example. This service will help you promote your business in a more professional setting and will assist you in finding like-minded people within your industry, not to mention prospective clients. There are many ways to optimize business profile using LinkedIn

There’s also Instagram. This service bills itself as a “fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family.” It allows a person, or a company, to take a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, and then post this same picture to an ongoing feed of photos.

At Vital, we used Instagram as a fun way to leverage exposure during the New Hampshire Film Festival using the hashtag #NHFF.

These are just a few examples, but you’re starting to get the point. Much like technology, the tools we use to communicate with one another are constantly evolving. And while adding more social media profiles may seem daunting, never fear. There are tools like Hootsuite that will let you schedule tweets and Facebook updates.

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  • Steve Squier

    I’ve spoken with a lot of PPC companies, but the most important thing that you can actually do to your marketing campaign is landing pages. Most companies sell you 1 single thing such as web design, or just Google Adwords, or just popups, or just retargeting etc. This is completely ludicrous because while 1 thing may make a difference in a stable marketing campaign, there is no single element that is a make or break element in online marketing, you need the entire package, and then hone/optimize from there. My business revenues increased by over 60% in two months once I picked a good agency that did more than just PPC, but also did my landing pages, retargeting, banner ads, etc. In fact, I’ve got Simon’s phone number right here, you can talk to him too. Just give him a call at 325-446-1507 .

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