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Graphic Design

Award-winning graphic design, making form and function look oh so good.


Our Award-Winning graphic design shows up in Logos, Business Cards, Infographics, Tradeshow Booths, Outdoor Signage, Way-Finding Signage, Vehicle Wraps and more. It can also be found in the digital marketing world.  Vital does graphic design for Application and Website’s User Interface ( UI ), PSD’s, Ebooks, Twitter Backgrounds, Facebook Cover Photos, PowerPoint Slides, HTML Email Templates.  Our graphic design services can be found in videos from Video Entry & Exit Slides, Lower Thirds and 2-d & 3-d Animations.

Our top graphic designers are the cream of the crop.  They are artists with business acumen who made graphic design a career. The big difference, our graphic designers could be professional sculptors, painters, photographers or architects.  Vital hires fine artists with a degree in graphic design and a knack for branding from the best art institutions in Massachusetts, NH & the Northeast.

  • Print, Brand and digital Design
  • Logo & Graphic Design
  • Work with new or existing branding
  • Professional printing services available
  • User Interface Design ( UI )
  • Website Homepage Design ( PSD )

See how Vital’s top graphic design services can bring your brand to life. With over 300 logos developed, our graphic designers have a prolific branding portfolio.

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