Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Award-winning graphic design, making form and function look oh so good.

See how Vital’s top graphic design services can bring your brand to life. With over 300 logos developed, our graphic designers have a prolific branding portfolio.

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Our Award-Winning graphic design shows up in Logos, Business Cards, Infographics, Tradeshow Booths, Outdoor Signage, Way-Finding Signage, Vehicle Wraps and more. It can also be found in the digital marketing world.  Vital does graphic design for Application and Website’s User Interface ( UI ), PSD’s, Ebooks, Twitter Backgrounds, Facebook Cover Photos, PowerPoint Slides, HTML Email Templates.  Our graphic design services can be found in videos from Video Entry & Exit Slides, Lower Thirds and 2-d & 3-d Animations.

Our top graphic designers are the cream of the crop.  They are artists with business acumen who made graphic design a career. The big difference, our graphic designers could be professional sculptors, painters, photographers or architects.  Vital hires fine artists with a degree in graphic design and a knack for branding from the best art institutions in Massachusetts, NH & the Northeast.

  • Print, Brand and digital Design
  • Logo & Graphic Design
  • Work with new or existing branding
  • Professional printing services available
  • User Interface Design ( UI )
  • Website Homepage Design ( PSD )
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